The Search: Birkenau Boys

The Search: Birkenau Boys

by SusanMassotty (Translator), G . L . Durlacher (Author)


Important Holocaust memoir by writer with a track record.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publisher: Serpent's Tail
Published: 01 Jun 1998

ISBN 10: 1852425407
ISBN 13: 9781852425401

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?The longing to forget and the duty to remember: these are the haunting themes of Durlacher's search for the past, and those who shared in its horrors. In North America and Israel he tracks down the men who were boys when he saw them last as fellow prisoners in the Nazi camps. The attempt, nearly forty years later, to make sense of the inexplicable, to reconcile himself to the unspeakable, makes for a painful journey, but one he bravely undertakes as an act of exorcism and self-healing. Joining him on his search, we admire his special insights as a chronicler and his compassion as a man. The past, however terrible, has failed to crush him or those who suffered alongside him. In this he offers us a victory of the human spirit? Theo Richmond, author of Konin: A Quest
Author Bio
Gerhard Durlacher was born in Germany in 1928. As a child, he fled with his family to Holland, from where he was taken to a concentration camp. After the war, he returned to Holland, where he taught sociology at the University of Amsterdam for many years. Like the writings of Primo Levi, his work constitutes an essential reflection on the Holocaust. He died in 1998.