Industrial Revolution (Witness History)

Industrial Revolution (Witness History)

by NigelSmith (Author)


This book is part of a series which examines major historical topics through a mixture of narrative and analysis of the key issues invoved. The author examines the rapid economic development of Britain between 1750 and 1850. He also assesses the enormous social change that resulted from industrialization. The book opens with the background to industrialization - the author discusses population growth and agricultural improvements before describing in detail the development of key industries coal, iron and textiles. The importance of technological developments such as the steam-engine and canals are also examined. The author explains the social consequences of industrialization, the replacement of domestic industry by factory system and the growth of new towns and the urban proletariat. The latter part of the book discusses the ways in which people reacted to living in a newly-industrialized society and the movements for social and political reform which characterized early 19th century Britain. Nigel Smith has also written The USA Since 1945 and Britain Since 1945 .



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 64
Publisher: Hodder Wayland
Published: 31 Dec 1990

ISBN 10: 1852108673
ISBN 13: 9781852108670