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The Garden Trellis (Library of Garden Details)

The Garden Trellis (Library of Garden Details)

by RoyStrong (Author)


This series from Pavilion highlights a unique approach to detailed garden design through an attractive combination of close-up photographs and informative text. Published as a set of pocket-sized books, this series is specially designed to lead the eye straight to the heart of the garden, focusing on those individual details so important to the overall design of your garden. The art of trelliswork, for long an essential ingredient of grand Renaissance gardens, is once again becoming fashionable. Trellis once gave rise to masterpieces of the carpenter's art; today, inexpensive panels enable us to transform a simple garden seat into a beguiling arbour, create romantic pavilions in which to entertain, support a sweet-smelling honeysuckle clambering around a cottage doorway, or divide a long back garden into secret rooms. Roy Strong's history of the principles of trelliswork, and its imaginative use, makes us look at these great gardens of the past with fresh eyes; his practical suggestions inspire us to action today. The fine selection of photographs both illustrate the text and provide an invaluable reference from which to glean ideas.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 64
Publisher: Pavilion Books
Published: 09 Sep 1991

ISBN 10: 185145795X
ISBN 13: 9781851457953