Durham Cathedral (Travels to Landmarks)

Durham Cathedral (Travels to Landmarks)

by Angelo Hornak (Photographer), Debra Shipley (Author)


Durham Cathedral is one of the most important Romaesque church in Europe. It was built at the end of the 10th century to house the body of St Cuthbert and was subject to intermittent political struggles throughout the following centuries. Over the years changes and additions have been made, but the original Norman structure remains virtually unaltered. However, Durham is more than a fine example of Norman architecture, for the masons created a revolutionary system of ribbed stone vaulting, a major advance in building technology which paved the way for the Gothic style. This book follows the story of Durham Cathedral from its origins. It describes in detail the construction and decoration of each part of the building and explains the revolutionary aspects of the structure. It also traces the subsequent, and at times turbulent, history of the cathedral through the ravages of the Reformation, the Puritan era, 18th century neglect and 19th century restoration, to the care of the Cathedral buildings and treasures today.


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