Lucky Luke Vol.22: Emperor Smith

Lucky Luke Vol.22: Emperor Smith

by ReneGoscinny (Author), "Morris" (Illustrator)


Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper arrive in Grass Town and make the acquaintance of Smith I, Emperor of the United States! A local rancher gone a bit looney after getting rich, he's given his cowboys fancy uniforms and replaced their Colts with sabres, and he believes he's the true ruler of the country. The citizens of Grass Town think he's great fun, write him letters in the names of European monarchs, and publish his harmless proclamations in the newspaper. But is he truly harmless? And what will Luke do if something upsets the relationship between the Emperor and his not-so-loyal subjects?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 48
Publisher: CINEBOOK
Published: 08 Apr 2010

ISBN 10: 1849180261
ISBN 13: 9781849180269
Children’s book age: 7-9 Years

Author Bio
Born and raised in Belgium, Morris moved to the United States in 1946 for six years. There, he worked for MAD magazine and met Rene Goscinny, with whom he collaborated from 1955 until Goscinny's death in 1977. Goscinny also created the IznogoudA series with illustrator Tabary, published in English by Cinebook, and the hugely successful AsterixA series with illustrator Uderzo.