Super Soccer Boy and the Evil Electronic Bunnies (Bk 2)

Super Soccer Boy and the Evil Electronic Bunnies (Bk 2)

by JudyBrown (Author)


Harry's little sister gets the latest must-have toy - an interactive electronic bunny - for her birthday. There's something about this bunny, though, that Harry doesn't like. When Harry watches a news report about a huge rise in burglaries he spots something familiar in the background at the scene of each crime: an electronic bunny! What's going on?


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Published: 01 Jan 2010

ISBN 10: 1848120532
ISBN 13: 9781848120532
Children’s book age: 7-9 Years
Book Overview: Something sinister is going on for Super Soccer Boy . . .

Author Bio
Judy Brown is a well-known author, artist and illustrator. She has published several children's books, including the PIRATE PRINCESS series, and the successful SUPER SOCCER BOY series - eight books of superhero fun and laughs! Follow Judy at