The Batman: Maximum Justice

The Batman: Maximum Justice

by Unknown (Author), LadybirdBooks (Editor)


Batman is outmatched by a muscle-bound brute! Bane clobbers the Caped Crusader, forcing Batman to invent an armoured exoskeleton. But will it be Batman's brawn or his brains that finally puts the brakes on Bane's rampaging crime spree? Then, Batman has to battle a bird! Penguin is jealous of Bruce Wayne's life and gets even by stealing all his friends' valuables! After the foul fowl captures Alfred, it's up to Batman to ruin the Penguin's plan. This work includes an 8-page colour insert.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd
Published: 04 May 2006

ISBN 10: 1846461863
ISBN 13: 9781846461866
Children’s book age: 7-9 Years