Propagation Techniques

Propagation Techniques

ISBN13: 9781845379902

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Nothing is quite as rewarding for the gardener as the sight of a crop of seedlings that he has propagated himself. Propagation involves the removal of part of the plant (the stem, leaf or root) and encouraging the cutting to form the missing part. It is cheaper than buying plants as the material is free but it also offers the gardener the chance to grow something not widely available - an old heritage variety or an unusual plant from your neighbour's garden.Plant propagation has been practised for years and there are numerous techniques and methods, ranging from simple division to more skilled techniques. This book is an essential handbook of techniques which will be useful to both amateur gardeners and those wishing to move on to more challenging projects. The book covers the following: Growing from Seed, Growing from Cuttings, Division, Layering, Grafting and Budding and Bulbs. In addition, there are chapters on useful equipment as well as a helpful at-a-glance plant directory. All the types of plants covered (vegetables, herbs, flowers, ornamental shrubs) include information on possible problems and how to solve them. With clear illustrations and photographs throughout, this is the ideal book for the gardening enthusiast.

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Julie Hollobone is a lecturer in horticulture at City College Brighton & Hove. She also finds time to hold short courses at the acclaimed West Dean College in East Sussex. In addition, she is horticultural adviser to Gardens Monthly magazine and has been writing for them on subjects such as plant profiles, planting design, garden visits and many practical techniques.