Not in the Guide Book: The Wackiest Sights on Google Earth, as seen at

Not in the Guide Book: The Wackiest Sights on Google Earth, as seen at

by Alex Turnbull (Author), JamesTurnbull (Author)


The hole-in-the wall gems you'd never stumble onto on your own, but which the cameras did. Just as you thought the world had been fully explored - here are the most amazing sights on planet earth that no guidebook takes you near. Authors James and Alex Turnbull's runaway-success website has become a paean to the Google Earth phenomenon. Modern technology championed by Google makes it possible for us all to zoom in on anywhere in the world using interactive satellite imaging. This selection of the very finest of the website includes: The Plug Holes in the Mediterranean, Arizona's Boneyard, The White Snake of Baja, Australia's Extraordinary Flying Car, The Hole in the Coast of Mexico, and, Face of Jesus Found in the Sand Dune. Extraordinary natural formations, offbeat manmade marvels, and the simply uncategorizable - all are glitches in the matrix of how we expect to see the world. The true explanation for each, where known, is included.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Constable
Published: 09 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 1845294661
ISBN 13: 9781845294663

Author Bio
James and Alex Turnbull are professional web developers based in Edinburgh. This is their first book. They set up the award-winning website in 2005.