The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids: Keep Your Child Alert, Focused and Active

The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids: Keep Your Child Alert, Focused and Active

by Charlotte Watts (Author), Gemini Adams (Author)


It's easy to see why a diet high in junk food, additives and sugar is bad for our children's health, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that a bad diet is detrimental to their behaviour and moods. As levels of ADHD, aggression, bullying and low IQ increase, more attention is being paid to the impact of the foods that children are eating every day. The great news is that it's easy to change your child's diet and, in doing so, balance moods and enhance brain function, concentration, behaviour, and ultimately happiness. Charlotte Watts and Gemini Adams show how to prepare quick, tasty and nutritious meals for your children, but in recipes that have the added benefit of improving their mood and behaviour. Whip up a quick breakfast of blueberry and apple muffins, pile chicken dippers, a brown roll and muesli munchies into a lunchbox for them to take to school, fill them up with sweet potato wedges when they get home and serve a feast of smiley-face pizza followed by banana and coconut ice cream for supper. Your kids will love the food and you'll love the improvement in their state of mind and contentment.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
Published: 02 Feb 2007

ISBN 10: 1844833674
ISBN 13: 9781844833672

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Charlotte Watts, a renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition-trained nutritional therapist, has teamed up with natural food specialist, Gemini Adams. Their company, Healthy Convenience, runs seminars and a website, offering practical advice and recipes which aims to take the hassle out of healthy living. They write reguarly for You Are What You Eat website and various publications including Here's Health.