Understanding Hinduism: Origins, Beliefs, Practices, Holy Texts, Sacred Places

Understanding Hinduism: Origins, Beliefs, Practices, Holy Texts, Sacred Places

by VasudhaNarayanan (Author)


A Vivid And Accessible Introduction To One Of The World's Most Diverse And Esteemed Religions One Of The World's Most Ancient Religious Traditions, Hinduism Is The Dominant Faith Of India And, Through India's Growing Expatriate Community, An Increasingly Familiar Spiritual Force In The West. Having No Single Founder, Creed, Teacher Or Prophet Acknowledged By All As Central To The Religion, And No Single Holy Book That Is Universally Acclaimed As Being Of Primary Importance, Hinduism Is Fascinatingly Complex. It Is Simultaneously A Religion, A Culture, And A Way Of Life, And In All These Aspects It Is Richly Diverse. Understanding Hinduism Is An Accessible And Beautifully Illustrated Introduction To The Key Themes Of Hinduism, From Its Many Gods And Goddesses; Including Vishnu, Shiva And Lakshmi; Ancient Rituals And Ceremonies; Sacred Architecture; Epic Poetry; Karma And Rebirth; The Ways To Liberation That Influenced Buddhism To The Inspiring Teachers And Gurus. The Course Of Hinduism Is Traced, From Its Origins In The Civilizations Of The Indus River Region, CA.3 000BCE, To Its Significance In Indian Culture Today, Providing A Marvellous Introduction For All Those Who Wish To Understand The Indian World-View, This Is An Indispensable Survey.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 112
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
Published: 15 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 184483042X
ISBN 13: 9781844830428