Killer Catchers

Killer Catchers

by Chris Ellis (Author), Andy Owens (Author)


Murderers. Psychopaths. Paedophiles. Their mention strikes dread and disgust into the heart of a nation, and the crimes committed by such individuals are of a nature more horrendous than any other. Yet the extremely calculated nature of the crimes and their perpetrators means that many cases end up being often left 'open' with little hope that more evidence will come to light. But thanks to rapidly developing advances in forensic techniques, especially in the fields of psychological, psychic and DNA profiling, more and more previously closed cases are being re-examined and solved many years after the crimes were committed. Killer Catchers and tells the incredible true stories of how some the most horrific murderers in existence have been caught out with methods that are as amazing as they are effective. The murders in this book will chill you to the bone, but the techniques used to solve them will astound and reassure you in equal measure.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 293
Publisher: Blake Publishing
Published: 30 Sep 2004

ISBN 10: 1844540561
ISBN 13: 9781844540563

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