The Big Book of Nuts

The Big Book of Nuts

by NutsMagazine (Author)


Men's weekly magazines are the biggest publishing phenomenon of the twenty-first century. Coming from nowhere, two magazines now regularly sell more than half a million copies between them each and every week. Upon first release, everyone said it couldn't be done, that the UK male would never buy into a weekly about girls, football, gruesome images and humour but the sales figures speak for themselves. Now, the success of the magazines is coming to a bookseller near you! "A Sack Full of Nuts" brings you the best of the best: Girls, cars, accidents, jokes, true stories, weird and wonderful photographs, pub ammo, and more of the best content from the UK's biggest men's weekly. Extensive research has shown that the readers' favourite parts of Nuts are girls, girls and more girls. To reflect this, "A Sack Full of Nuts" contains more than 500 photographs of women, usually in various states of undress. Coupled with articles and photographs of fast cars, drunken behaviour, nasty accidents, internet weirdness and funny stories and jokes, this book adds up to the ideal read for the Nuts fan in your life.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Published: 02 Oct 2006

ISBN 10: 1844421430
ISBN 13: 9781844421435