Bolivian Diary

Bolivian Diary

by ErnestoGuevara (Author), Lucia Alvarezde Toledo (Translator)


This book tells of the last doomed eleven months of the most courageous and dedicated revolutionary of the 20th century. First published in Cuba in 1968 in a free edition of 250,000 copies, it has since become a classic. In November 1966 Che Guevara, hero of the Cuban Revolution, arrives in Bolivia to lead a guerrilla detachment fighting that country's military dictatorship. At the beginning of the diary the war games of the guerrillas seem no more real than those of Boy Scouts at play. But then real deaths begin, in flooded rivers or in ambush. The guerrilla fighters win their first battles and outwit the vastly superior army forces sent against them; but, in the end, Che Guevara and his dwindling group are surrounded and crushed. In its terse and simple prose, the Bolivian Diary gives a unique account of the guerrilla's lonely fight against armies, mountains, jungles, hunger, disease and death. And the reader's knowledge of Guevara's fate makes the book even more moving a record of the guerrillas' day-to-day suffering and bravery.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Pimlico
Published: 28 Oct 2004

ISBN 10: 1844138291
ISBN 13: 9781844138296

Author Bio
Ernesto Che Guevara was born in Argentina in 1928. After fighting alongside Fidel Castro in the three-year guerrilla war in Cuba, he became Minister for Industry following the victory of the Cuban revolution. In 1966 he established a guerrilla base in Bolivia. He was captured and killed in 1967. Lucia Alvarez de Toledo grew up and was educated in Argentina and was awarded a Scholarship at the University of Delhi. Having worked as a journalist and broadcaster she settled in London in 1968 and established herself as a professional interpreter and translator, working at the highest levels for Governments, Corporations and international institutions. Her background and knowledge of South America has enabled her to bring a unique understanding to this new translation.