The Lost Legend of Arthur: The Untold Story of Britain's Greatest Warrior

The Lost Legend of Arthur: The Untold Story of Britain's Greatest Warrior

by SteveBlake (Author), ScottLloyd (Author)


This startling book reveals the kernel of truth at the heart of Arthurian legend. Blake and Lloyd prove that Arthur was a real Dark Age warrior, with an extensive network of family, mistresses and foes, whom they name and locate, using geographical evidence and source material. They pinpoint the battlegrounds where he campaigned, explain who he fought against and why, and reveal the location of his burial place.--'A wonderful analysis of a truly legendary figure' The Good Book Guide--'Commendable - impressive and convincing' Manchester Evening News--'Blake and Lloyd come up with a tale more fascinating than those tired old romances - an intriguing detective story' Hampshire Chronicle--'Explodes accepted Arthurian theories and redefines the boundaries of Dark Age Britain' Chester Chronicle-- 'Colourful - this diligently researched and expertly crafted read adds a refreshing perspective' Hartlepool Star


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 309
Publisher: Rider & Co
Published: 01 Apr 2004

ISBN 10: 1844132226
ISBN 13: 9781844132225
Book Overview: The ultimate Arthurian book, using ancient sources and ground-breaking research to reveal the historical truth about Arthur

Author Bio
Between them, Blake and Lloyd have devoted decades of research to the subject of Arthur and Ancient Britain. They are co-founders of the Centre for Arthurian Studies at the North East Wales Institute, affiliated to the University of Wales, and have worked with the Welsh Academic Press on a leading series of Welsh Arthurian source material.