How To Read A Church

How To Read A Church

ISBN13: 9781844130535
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Churches and cathedrals play an essential part in our heritage. As community-centred places of worship and as important tourist attractions, they are visited by millions of people every year. But churches were originally built to be read, and so they are packed with images, symbols and meanings that often need explanation for visitors. How to Read a Church is a lively and fascinating guide to what a visitor to a church is likely to find there and how to interpret the common images and meanings in church art and architecture - from stained glass windows, to sculptures and building layout. It will explain how to identify people, scenes, details and their significance, and will explore the symbolism of different animals, plants, colours, numbers and letters - and what this all means. It will be an essential guide for anyone who has ever visited / is visiting a church or cathedral, and for those who want to know more about these incredible buildings and the art they contain.

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Book Overview A unique, accessible guide to the common symbols and meanings in church art and architecture

For church crawlers or occasional visitors who want to know how to read a church properly, Richard Taylor's gem of a book is the answer * The Spectator *
A handy crash course in church literacy -- Christopher Howse * Daily Telegraph *
This intriguing guide will make any church visit a more enriching trip * Good Book Guide *
fascinating and highly informative reading * Heritage Today *
a truly fascinating guide * Good Times *

Richard Taylor was born in 1967. He studied English at Oxford University and Law at London University, and now lives and works in South Yorkshire. He has lectured on Christian symbolism to people of many faiths and those of none. He is the presenter of the acclaimed BBC TV series 'Churches: How to Read Them', inspired by this book.