Blueprint of Oneness

Blueprint of Oneness

by SaintGermain (Author), Ashmarae Mc Namara (Author)


Inspiring and interactive, this manual demonstrates how to effortlessly release negative belief patterns and to respond positively to any situation by following the guidance of Ascended Master, Saint Germain. Providing the tools to connect to higher frequencies, this handbook encourages that individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment breathe, feel, and allow the energy of Saint Germain into their beings in order to realize his teachings. This remarkable meditation argues that integration and self-transformation can occur not only through the mind but also through the heart itself.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 108
Edition: 2
Publisher: Findhorn Press Ltd.
Published: 18 Mar 2010

ISBN 10: 1844091988
ISBN 13: 9781844091980