The State of the American Empire: How the USA Shapes the World (Earthscan Atlas Series)

The State of the American Empire: How the USA Shapes the World (Earthscan Atlas Series)

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ISBN13: 9781844074280

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As the USA's domination of world affairs meets ever-widening international resentment, this revealing interrogation of America's global footprint explores the complexities of its impact on the world. Covering a wide range of topics - from Wall Street to the War on Terror - The State of the American Empire traces the USA's attempts to balance national interest and global responsibility. It measures America's true effect on world trade and security, locates sites of resistance and levels of antagonism, and, looking ahead, considers the sustainability of its imperial role. With full-colour maps and graphics, this is an essential resource for understanding America's power around the world.

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'I applaud this long-awaited atlas. I have been looking for one that would graphically represent some of the major impacts of the US presence in world order. This does a terrific job.' Stephen Gill, York University, Canada

Stephen Burman is Dean of Humanities at the University of Sussex, UK. His books include America in the Modern World: The Transcendence of US Hegemony and The Black Progress Question: Explaining the African-American Predicament, which received a Gustavus Myers Award for outstanding work in the field of human rights.