Basic Photography (Revised Edition): Fully Revised and Updated With All New Digital Photography

Basic Photography (Revised Edition): Fully Revised and Updated With All New Digital Photography

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First published in 1993, this fully revised edition of a best-selling classic distils all the essential information needed by an aspiring photographer into one volume.

The book starts at the beginning: getting to know your camera - how it works, film speeds, and looking after your equipment. This is followed by an examination of the 20 key areas of photography that the amateur picture-taker should focus on to improve the quality of their work. This includes advice on light, colour, depth of field, framing, posing, movement, changing the viewpoint and angle, and using on-camera flash.

Next you'll see how to apply these theories in practice, whether you are taking formal portraits or holiday snaps, wedding photographs or still lifes. There are also tips on overcoming and coping with shafts of light, inclement weather conditions, reflections and night photography. A fourth and final chapter goes beyond the basics, providing hints on interchangeable lenses, exposure, shutter speed, filters and the developments in the digital world.

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John Hedgecoe is the world's best-selling author of practical photography books. He has received a number of international awards for his contribution to photography. He established the Photographic Department at the Royal College of Art in London in 1965 and became Professor of Photography at the College in 1975, a post he held until 1994. He now devotes his time to taking photographs for his books and exhibitions. He lives in Norwich, UK.