The Worst Album Covers in the World Ever

The Worst Album Covers in the World Ever

by NickDiFonzo (Author)


Rap-O Clap-O by Joe Bataan, How to Keep Your Husband Happy by Debbie Drake or I Dig Chicks by Jonah Jones; these are just tasters of some of the superlatively bad album titles and designs that have been made by artists and record companies in the last 50 years. Some album covers may be doomed to awfulness by the artist's bad hair; others by their terrible dress sense; many by an incomprehensibly strange choice of props. From Dave Stephens' Organ Fascination to Dennis Farnon's catchy album title Caution! Men Swinging, The Worst Album Covers in the World...Ever! takes a satirical look at 80 album covers whose sheer bad taste ensure they will have a place in the annals of music history for evermore. Accompanied by a fascinating history of the album cover, this book is sure to amuse both music buffs and design aficionados.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 96
Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd
Published: 30 Nov 2004

ISBN 10: 1843308886
ISBN 13: 9781843308881

Author Bio
Nick DiFonzo has dedicated many years of his life to visiting obscure record shops in search of the ultimate bad album cover. He lives in Houston, Texas.