To the Ends of the Earth: The Globalization of Christianity

To the Ends of the Earth: The Globalization of Christianity

by KennethHylson-Smith (Author)


Kenneth Hylson-Smith refuses to accept the current widely held view that the Christian churches have been in decline for the last three hundred years. God's funeral, he asserts, is not immanent. Tracing the story of the global spread of Christianity from the seventeenth century through to the twenty first, the author argues that the Christian church throughout the world is in better shape now than ever before. Focusing on the church as a global phenomena rather than a merely European and American one Hylson-Smith opens our eyes to the amazing story of Christianity in Asia, Africa and South America. This book is a great antidote for the negativity one often finds about the future of the church.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publisher: Paternoster Press
Published: 03 Nov 2006

ISBN 10: 1842274759
ISBN 13: 9781842274750

Author Bio
Dr Kenneth Hylson-Smith is a former Bursar and Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford. His books on Church history include the three-volume work Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation; To the Ends of the Earth: The globalization of Christianity and The Laity in Christian History and Today.