History Of The Great Civil War 2: Volume 2 1644-45: 1644-45 Vol 2

History Of The Great Civil War 2: Volume 2 1644-45: 1644-45 Vol 2

by S.R.Gardiner (Author)


The second volume of S.R. Gardiner's great survey of the English Civil War deals with events between July 1644 (after the Royalist defeat at Marston Moor) and the end of 1645, a year which saw the demise of Royalist hopes of victory. An invaluable reference tool for students of the period, this great scholarly survey is much quoted by later historians and yet it has been out of print for a number of years. Now the four volumes of this highly influential history are available once more. The first volume contains an introduction by Christopher Hill, who sums up Gardiner's importance thus: 'What distinguishes Gardiner's work from that of his predecessors was his objectivity, his prodigious learning, and his meticulous attention to detail. He established the basic narrative of what he called the Puritan Revolution'. And it is around this narrative that the debate on the Civil War has raged ever since.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Edition: New edition
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Published: 19 Sep 2002

ISBN 10: 1842126407
ISBN 13: 9781842126400
Book Overview: First volume introduced by Christopher Hill, one of the best-known historians of the Civil War, whose own work is greatly influenced by Gardiner A book that should be read by everyone interested in the seventeenth century Elegantly and accessibly written - often more lucid and instructive than modern works Gardiner, along with Clarendon, could be called the Gibbon of the English Civil War

Author Bio
Gardiner was educated at Winchester and Christ Church, Oxford, and for some years was a member of the Irvingite Church. From 1871 to 1885 he taught at King's College, London, becoming professor of modern history there in 1876, later becoming a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford. He died in 1902.