The Great Hedge of India

The Great Hedge of India

by RoyMoxham (Author)


This is the story of the author's "ridiculous" quest for a legendary hedge planted across the Indian sub-continent and manned and cared for by 12,000 men. The hedge stood for over 50 years and at its greatest extent, formed part of a barrier 2500 miles long. Although it is one of the largest man-made constructions in human-history, the hedge appears in no history books and remains forgotten in both Britain and India. This inspired Roy Moxham to travel to India and investigate whether it had existed, what its purpose had been and whether any part of it had remained. After several years of travel and research, the author finally unravelled the story behind the hedge, its place within commercial enterprise on the part of the Raj and, after much searching, the remnants of this folie de grandeur of imperial Britain. This book provides a view into the motivations and administrations of British Imperial India and in part tells the story of one man's obsession.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Constable
Published: 25 Jan 2001

ISBN 10: 1841192600
ISBN 13: 9781841192604