Druglord: Guns, Powder and Pay-Offs

Druglord: Guns, Powder and Pay-Offs

by Graham Johnson (Author)


When ruthless drug baron John Haase was sentenced to 18 years' imprisonment for heroin-trafficking in 1995, it was a major victory for Customs and the police. But in a shock move, after Haase and his partner Paul Bennett had served only 11 months, then Home Secretary Michael Howard signed a Royal Pardon for their release. Howard defended his extraordinary decision by revealing that, while on remand, Haase and Bennett had become invaluable informants. But Haase had in fact duped the authorities and he returned to his life of crime immediately upon his release. Far from being forced into hiding as a supergrass, he had gained new kudos among the criminal underworld for beating the system so audaciously. Graham Johnson interviewed Haase at Whitemoor Prison and has obtained a copy of his sworn affidavit revealing the truth behind the Royal Pardon scandal. Allegations of huge bribes, fabrication of evidence and dark powers at the heart of the justice system all point towards a spine-chilling conspiracy. Interwoven with secretly taped testimonies from many of Haase's closest associates and co-conspirators, this an explosive expose of Britain's number-one drug kingpin.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
Published: 02 Mar 2006

ISBN 10: 1840189444
ISBN 13: 9781840189445
Book Overview: Haase is the latest expos by bestselling author and investigative journalist Graham Johnson. It sensationally blows the lid on a 3.5 million bribery scandal involving Tory leader Michael Howard and Britain's biggest drug dealer, John Haase.

Author Bio
Graham Johnson has been a Sunday Mirror journalist since 1996 and the paper's investigations editor since 1999. He has covered a wide range of stories, including drug dealing in Britain, people smuggling in Europe, child slavery in India and Pakistan, and war in the Balkans. He currently lives in London and is also the author of the bestselling Powder Wars.