Hidden Dangers in What We Eat and Drink: A Guide to Healthy Eating (Jan de Vries Healthcare)

Hidden Dangers in What We Eat and Drink: A Guide to Healthy Eating (Jan de Vries Healthcare)

by JanDeVries (Author)


HIDDEN DANGERS IN WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK deals succinctly with the hazards that growing children, teenagers and adults are exposed to. Food and drink today contain many additives, E numbers and other hidden dangers that could affect people physically, mentally and emotionally. The growth in the problems of hyperactivity and autism are just two examples of the perils of an unbalanced food pattern. This book contains advice on food and dietary management, highlights the potential problems with what we consume and provides sensible advice on how to adjust our food pattern accordingly when certain problems arise. The immune system is very complex and depends on the nutritional values necessary for energy and vitality. In today's fast moving society, there are many convenience foods available. These foods can ultimately damage the immune system and, as such, there is a great need for more natural input in order to get the right output, namely healthy living. This carefully researched book gives the opportunity for the readers to help themselves to improved health through making wise choices regarding food and drink.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
Published: 20 Mar 2003

ISBN 10: 1840185163
ISBN 13: 9781840185164
Book Overview: Following the highly successful MOTHER AND CHILD, HIDDEN DANGERS IN WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK.

Author Bio
Although trained as a pharmacist, Jan De Vries turned to alternative medicine early in his career. He has written extensively on alternative issues and is the author of the bestselling alternative medicine series APPOINTMENT ONLY, WELL WOMEN, NATURE'S GIFT and JAN DE VRIES HEALTHCARE. He now divides his time between clinics in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and the Republic of Ireland.