The Jesus Mystery: Astonishing Clues to the True Identity of Jesus and Paul

The Jesus Mystery: Astonishing Clues to the True Identity of Jesus and Paul

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In the tradition of the nonfiction "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", this book explores what may have happened if Jesus did not die on the cross. Noting discrepancies between the historical record and traditional New Testament chronologies, the author reinterprets early Christian history and suggests that Jesus may have had a radically different - and direct - role in the spread of Christianity throughout the world. Reading "The Jesus Mystery" as the author builds the evidence is as thrilling as reading a mystery.

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What Happened on the Road to Damascus is as thrilling as a crime novel. Clue after clue is revealed without your ever being able to work out the solution to the riddle. Ulrika Karnborg in Dagens Nyheter Intriguing, disturbing, and always compelling: intriguing because it is a theological thriller; disturbing because it shows how malleable the small amount of evidence we have is; and compelling because it contains new, strong arguments about Jesus, arguments that present it inevitably as a history to be taken seriously. Theodore Riccardi, Professor Emeritus, Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University I had not read many pages before I was hooked. Known and unknown facts, assumptions and hints are mixed with each other in a way that brings out new perspectives....But to the extract the knowledge is one thing, to meld it into exciting reading is another. The result is magnificent. K. G. Hammar, Archbishop (Lutheran) of Sweden 1997-2006 in Dagnes Nyheter As exciting as a thriller. One finds oneself curiously and impatiently turning the pages, wondering where she will take you next. Christer Hugo in Smalandsposten

Lena Einhorn has produced documentaries for Lifetime Television and PBS. Her series From the Shadows of the Past was critically acclaimed and her two feature films, Loving Greta Garbo (2000) and Nina's Journey (2005) were both internationally feted.