MIDI Power: The Comprehensive Guide

MIDI Power: The Comprehensive Guide

by RobertGuerin (Author)


From how MIDI works, to how to connect devices through it, to how it integrates into a computer environment, MIDI Power!, Second Edition is a comprehensive reference guide to MIDI. The book provides an in-depth look at MIDI, its messages, and protocols, and the information necessary to navigate it with ease. Learn when to use MIDI, how to edit MIDI, what technology uses MIDI, what software uses MIDI, and how MIDI is integrated into computers and what that implies for musicians, sound designers, and audio enthusiasts. MIDI Power!, Second Edition provides complete coverage of MIDI hardware and software, is suitable for both Mac and Windows platforms.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
Publisher: Course Technology Inc
Published: 29 Oct 2005

ISBN 10: 1598630849
ISBN 13: 9781598630848

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1. The Basics 2. Basic MIDI Messages 3. Control Change Messages 4. General MIDI and Standard MIDI Files 5. MIDI Hardware Devices 6. MIDI and the Computer MIDI Interfaces 7. MIDI Inside Your Computer 8. Sequencing with MIDI 9. MIDI Software: A Sound Creation Environment 10. MIDI Software Applications 11. Deeper into MIDI: System Exclusive and Synchronization 12. The Standard MIDI File Format Appendices A. Understanding Binary, Decimal, and Hexidecimal B. MIDI 1.0 Specification C. Understanding Timing Concepts D. The MIDI Troubleshooting Checklist E. Midi Arrangements: Tips & Tricks F. Review Questions: Answers
Author Bio
A composer for the past 18 years and a music enthusiast since 1976, Robert Guerin has worked on different personal and professional projects, such as feature and short films, television themes, and educational and corporate videos. As a professor, Robert has put together several courses covering a wide range of topics, such as computer software for musicians, digital audio technologies, sound on the Web, sound in multimedia productions, hard disk recording, and many more. He has been program coordinator at Trebas Institute in Montreal and a part-time professor at Vanier College, also in Montreal. Robert has developed online courses on sound integration in Web pages and has written several articles, tutorials, and software reviews for audio and music related online magazines. Robert has authored five editions of CUBASE POWER! He has also written two editions of MIDI POWER! and co-wrote NUENDO POWER!