French for Le Snob: Adding Panache to Your Everyday Conversations

French for Le Snob: Adding Panache to Your Everyday Conversations

by YvettReche (Author)


Designed to enable quick-witted English speakers to use the many French loanwords of the English vocabulary with an impeccable French pronunciation, this book details and defines approximately 2,500 French terms that have become part of the English lexicon. Its many definitions will allow creative individuals to spice up their conversations with colourful French expressions. Also included, which will be of particular interest to teachers of English and French, are the many ready-made lessons that can be used to teach specific topics such as French idioms.



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Format: Paperback
Pages: 360
Publisher: Santa Monica Press
Published: 01 Jun 2005

ISBN 10: 1595800034
ISBN 13: 9781595800039

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Buy it for history of how French words invaded the English language . . . Buy it for the snob in your life. -- Chicago Sun-Times
Author Bio
Yvette Reche was born and raised in France and began her career teaching elementary school. After moving to Canada, Reche received her postgraduate degree in French/English translation from the University of British Columbia and taught French at the high school and college level for twelve years. She lives in Tempe, Arizona.