Digital Food Photography

Digital Food Photography

by Lou Manna (Author)


Packed with enticing and creative full-color photographs, this book focuses on the art of food photography and how the digital photography revolution has changed and enhanced it. Broken down into the areas of photography, styling, science, and business, this visual guide compiles all of these aspects of food photography into a valuable reference. Readers will learn techniques that combine the art of lighting and styling for still-life photography with the business sense of commercial photography. It also provides tips for aspiring food photographers on how to get started and succeed. Whether readers are professional photographers who want to learn the advantages of digital photography in the field, or amateur photographers who want to experiment in their own small-scale studios, this unique book will prove useful to anyone interested in this realm of photography.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 298
Publisher: Premier Press
Published: 31 Aug 2005

ISBN 10: 1592008208
ISBN 13: 9781592008209

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Introduction 1. The Key Ingredient: Pixels 2. Digital Photography: The Necessities 3. Who s Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media 4. Who s Doing the Cooking: Working with Food Stylists 5. Prop Styling: Who s Doing the Shopping? 6. Grabbing Your Attention: Composition 7. The Recipe for Light 8. The Digital Spice: Retouching 9. Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business
Author Bio
Lou Manna is an award-winning Olympus visionary photographer whose work has appeared in national ad campaigns, major magazines, and more than 30 cookbooks. After shooting for the New York Times from 1975 to 1990, he went on to establish his own Fifth Avenue studio, where he works with corporate, advertising, and restaurant clients to create photos that can only be described as exquisite. Lou is the author of DIGITAL FOOD PHOTGRAPHY, the only book on the art of food photography devoted exclusively to digital technology. Craig Clairborne, restaurant critic and food writer for the New York Times, said, The important thing about being a real photographer is not only having a great lens, but having a feeling of warmth, collaborating, and bringing out the best of a subject. It requires a sense of style and a feeling of creative arrangement--Lou is marvelous at this.