Foundation Mac OS X Web Development

Foundation Mac OS X Web Development

by PhilSherry (Author)


* This book is unique in its stance of the Mac as a platform for web development. Mac OS books are either low-level Dummies/VQS-style references on using the interface or the entirely separate market of writing software and applications for the Mac OS.

This book is ideally placed to appeal to tap into the merging job role of the web developer/designer.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 319
Publisher: FRIENDS OF ED
Published: 26 Jul 2004

ISBN 10: 1590593367
ISBN 13: 9781590593363
Book Overview: Springer Book Archives

Author Bio
Phil Sherry is a self-taught web developer during the day in Liverpool, and a freelance web anarchist for the remaining hours of the day. With lingering bad memories of having to use dial-up connection for years, he still does his best to design sites for the lowest common denominator. That means lower resolutions too, as well as people with slower machines (let's not mention those poor Windows users). Working with Jake Smith, several rock gods have had their web presences greatly enhanced over the years, including Andy Rourke, the ex-bass player from The Smiths. Phil has previously worked on several friends of ED books, and also beta tested several key Adobe products. A self-confessed geek, Phil can usually be found in a room full of computers, surrounded by screens of ASCII.