Fabulous Pugs

Fabulous Pugs

by LisaKnapp (Author)


This pug can certainly strike a pose. With an unmatched talent for scenery-chewing and a mug that can only be described as fetching, actress-model-pooch Charlie vogues her way through the warp and woof of history in this enchanting book of photos by Atlanta-based designer, Lisa Knapp. There's no role - male or female, world leader or screen goddess - that's too daunting for Charlie (and no costume that she's unwilling to squeeze her plus-size figure into). Wrapped in a toga, she's a formidable Julius Pugustus Caesar. As Attila the Pug, she proves herself equally comfy in barbarian togs. As an animal skin-attired Cave Woman, she's savage. As a pillbox-hatted Jackie, she's the very image of sophistication. And when Charlie doffs it all as a platinum-tressed Lady Godiva, she sizzles. Napoleon Bonapug, Mao Tse-Pug and bling-bedecked gangsta rapper Notorious P.U.G. are among her many other hilarious incarnations. Charlie's wardrobe - expertly researched and tailored by author, photographer, and proud "pug parent" Knapp - is remarkable for the costumes' meticulous detail and historical accuracy. "Fabulous Pugs" will captivate fashionistas, amuse history buffs, and delight all the pug-lovers among us (and who isn't one, really?).


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 88
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc
Published: 01 Sep 2006

ISBN 10: 158479531X
ISBN 13: 9781584795315

Author Bio
Lisa Knapp, an Atlanta native, studied fine art at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and graphic design at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She has worked as a designer in Nashville and Atlanta and is currently working on a line of gift products and apparel for her company, Pug Daddy Productions.