Transact-SQL Programming: Covers Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 /7.0 and Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5: Covers Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5

Transact-SQL Programming: Covers Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 /7.0 and Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5: Covers Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and Sybase Adaptive Server 11.5

by KevinKline (Author), LeeGould (Author), Andrew Zanevsky (Author)


Transact-SQL is a procedural language used on both Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Server systems. It is a full-featured programming language that dramatically extends the power of SQL (Structured Query Language). The language provides programmers with a broad range of features, including: A rich set of datatypes, including specialized types for identifiers, timestamps, images, and long text fields Local and global variables Fully programmable server objects like views, triggers, stored procedures, and batch command files Conditional processing Exception and error handling Full transaction control System stored procedures that reduce the complexity of many operations, like adding users or automatically generating HTML Web pages In recent years, the versions of Transact-SQL have diverged on Microsoft and Sybase systems; the book explains the differences. It also contains up-to-the-minute information on the latest versions: Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.5 and 7.0 and Sybase version 11.5.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 840
Edition: 1
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 01 Apr 1999

ISBN 10: 1565924010
ISBN 13: 9781565924017

Author Bio
Kevin Kline administrates well over 100 SQL Server installations across the country for Deloitte & Touche LLP. When he's not pulling out his hair, he likes to spend time with his wife and kids, play classical guitar, restore his '66 Chevy truck, and write screenplays. Kevin is also the author of Oracle CDE: Reference & User's Guide (Butterworth-Heinemann) and a coauthor of Professional SQL Server 6.5 Admin (WROX Press). Kevin is also an instructor at Ziff-Davis University ( He can be reached at Lee Gould is a principal consultant with Sybase Professional Services in New York where she works mainly in the financial services industry on Wall Street. She has been working with SQL Server since 1992 and has been involved in the computer industry for over ten years. She has published numerous articles in Microsoft SQL Server Professional (Pinnacle Publishing) and presented on a variety of topics at the International Sybase User Group and Powersoft conferences. Lee was born in Liverpool, England. She grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she attended the University of Witwatersrand and received her bachelors of commerce in business information systems. Lee immigrated to America four years ago and is currently pursuing an MBA at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Lee lives in the suburb of North Brunswick, New Jersey, with her two cats, Lady and Paganini. She can often be seen running, cycling, swimming, and horseriding while she trains for marathons and ultra triathlon events. When not immersed in sport, Lee is an avid fan of classical music, good wine, the piano, science fiction and Terminator II. Her motto on life is carpe diem, which she endeavors to follow regardless of where it leads her. Lee can be contacted at Andrew Zanevsky, an independent consultant and founder and president of AZ Databases, Inc., has been working with SQL Server since 1992. He writes a monthly column Super Administrator, for Microsoft SQL Server Professional (Pinnacle Publishing) and has published more than a hundred technical articles throughout his career. He immigrated to the United States from Minsk, Belarus in 1991. He started programming in 1982 and holds a degree from the Belarus State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (equivalent to an M.S. in computer science). Andrew lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife Katrin, son Anthony, and stepdaughter Esther. Katrin is also a SQL Server consultant. They work on some projects together and can talk about Transact-SQL at dinner. Andrew's daughter Nikkie lives in New York, wants to be a writer, and has won numerous awards in art contests. Andrew was the president of the Great Lakes SQL Server Users Group in Chicago from 1994 through 1997. He can be reached at