Learning Perl

Learning Perl

by RandalL.Schwartz (Author), TomChristiansen (Author), LarryWall (Editor)


Perl began as a tool for Unix system administrators, used for countless small tasks throughout the workday. It has since blossomed into a full-featured programming language on practically every computing platform, and is used for web programming, database manipulation, XML processing, and (of course) system administration - all the while remaining a tool for the small daily tasks it was designed for. The third edition of "Learning Perl" has not only been updated for Perl 5.6, but has also been rewritten to reflect the needs of programmers learning Perl in the 21st century. It includes an expanded and more gently-paced introduction to regular expressions, new exercises and solutions designed so readers can practise what they've learned while it is still fresh in their minds.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 300
Edition: 2nd Edition
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Published: 01 Jul 1997

ISBN 10: 1565922840
ISBN 13: 9781565922846

Author Bio
Randal L. Schwartz is an eclectic tradesman and entrepreneur, making his living through software design, technical writing and training, system administration, security consultation, and video production. He is known internationally for his prolific, humorous, and occasionally incorrect spatterings on Usenet--especially his Just another Perl hacker signoffs in comp.lang.perl. Randal honed his many crafts through seven years of employment at Tektronix, ServioLogic, and Sequent. Since 1985, he has owned and operated Stonehenge Consulting Services in his home town of Portland, Oregon. Tom Christiansen is a freelance consultant specializing in Perl training and writing. After working for several years for TSR Hobbies (of Dungeons and Dragons fame), he set off for college where he spent a year in Spain and five in America, dabbling in music, linguistics, programming, and some half-dozen different spoken languages. Tom finally escaped UW-Madison with B.A.s in Spanish and computer science and an M.S. in computer science. He then spent five years at Convex as a jack-of-all-trades working on everything from system administration to utility and kernel development, with customer support and training thrown in for good measure. Tom also served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of directors. With over fifteen years' experience in UNIX system administration and programming, Tom presents seminars internationally. Living in the foothills above Boulder, Colorado, surrounded by mule deer, skunks, and the occasional mountain lion and black bear, Tom takes summers off for hiking, hacking, birding, music making, and gaming.