The Enchanted Places: A Childhood Memoir (Pan Heritage Classics)

The Enchanted Places: A Childhood Memoir (Pan Heritage Classics)

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Paperback | English
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Now the subject of major Disney film starring Ewan McGregor, this is Christopher Robin in his own words.

Millions of readers throughout the world have grown up with the stories and verses of A. A. Milne; have envied Christopher Robin in his enchanted world; laughed at Pooh - a bear of very little brain - and worried about Piglet and his problems. But what was it like to be the small boy with the long hair, smock and wellington boots?

At the age of fifty-four Christopher Milne recalled his early childhood, remembering 'the enchanted places' where he used to play in Sussex. The Hundred Acre Wood, Galleon's Lap and Poohsticks Bridge existed not only in the stories and poems but were part of the real world surrounding the Milne home at Cotchford Farm.

With deftness and artistry Milne draws a memorable portrait of his father, and an evocative reconstruction of a happy childhood in London and Sussex. The Enchanted Places is a story told with humour and modesty.

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Book Overview Christopher Robin's story in his own words.

An autobiography of extraordinary tact as well as candour * The Times *
Mr Milne has set out to recreate a world . . . he has been totally successful * Times Literary Supplement *

Christopher Robin Milne was the son of author A. A. (Alan Alexander) Milne and Dorothy de Selincourt. As a young child, he was the basis of the character Christopher Robin in his father's Winnie-the-Pooh stories and in two books of poems.

Christopher Milne was a shy boy and did not like the attention that he received from the public because of his father's success with the Pooh books. In 1974, Milne decided to publish the first of three autobiographical books. The Enchanted Places gave an account of his childhood and of the problems that he had encountered because of the Pooh books.