Step By Step: The perfect gift for the adventurer in your life

Step By Step: The perfect gift for the adventurer in your life

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Paperback | English
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Shortlisted for the 2019 Edward Stanford Travel Memoir of the Year Award

'His story reads like a fast-paced thriller.' Daily Mail

'My goodness, it is brilliant. Searingly honest, warm, bursting with humanity. Such brave and inspiring writing.' Kate Humble

'[Simon] begins to fill in the gaps in his life story that until recently he has never publicly revealed.' Telegraph


'TV's most interesting globetrotter' Independent

'The craziest (or bravest) man on TV' Mail on Sunday

'Like all the best travellers, Reeve carries out his investigations with infectious relish, and in the realisation that trying to understand the country you're in is not just fascinating, but also hugely enjoyable' Daily Telegraph

'Simon might just be the best tour guide in the world' The Sun

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In TV adventurer Simon Reeve's bestselling memoir he describes how he has journeyed across epic landscapes, dodged bullets on frontlines, walked through minefields and been detained for spying by the KGB. His travels have taken him across jungles, deserts, mountains and oceans, and to some of the most beautiful, dangerous and remote regions of the world.

In this revelatory account of his life Simon gives the full story behind some of his favourite expeditions, and traces his own inspiring personal journey back to leaving school without qualifications, teetering on a bridge, and then overcoming his challenges by climbing to a 'Lost Valley' and changing his life ... step by step.

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Cracking stories from his travels * Alastair Humphreys, Explorer and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year *
Reeve is a most likeable travelling companion, and the joy of the open road radiates from these pages * Times Literary Supplement *
You can be sure to trust Simon to find a fun story. Simon might just be the best tour guide in the world. * Sun *
Fascinating... a very honest account of the world as he has seen it, from Acton to the ends of the Earth * Geographical *
It is an account of his mind's journey to inner peace - and it is wonderfully life-affirming -- Max Pemberton * Daily Mail *
This vivid account of his fascinating, often hair-raising crusades feels more like an enthralling exchange over coffee with a friend than a formal autobiography. * Compass Magazine *
Genuinely interesting stories... remarkable * London Evening Standard *
Simon Reeve, a man whose very name is a guarantee of interesting television. Outstanding. * Observer *
TV's most interesting globetrotter * Independent *
The craziest (or bravest) man on TV * Daily Mail *
In the last decade, he's made a name for himself as British TV's most adventurous presenter. He's hunted with the Bushmen of Kalahari, hung out with biker outlaws in Australia and been taught to fish by the president of Moldova. * Radio Times *
Reeve is in a class of his own * The Times *

Simon Reeve has travelled to more than 120 countries, making multiple award-winning TV series for the BBC, including Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Sacred Rivers, Greece, Tropic of Capricorn, Turkey, Mediterranean and Australia (Winner of the British Travel Press Award for Broadcast Travel Programme).

Simon has received a One World Broadcasting Trust Award for 'an outstanding contribution to greater world understanding', the prestigious Ness Award from the Royal Geographical Society, and the Special Contribution Award at the Travel Media Awards.