The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (Complete Guides): 8th edition

The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (Complete Guides): 8th edition

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The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition is the definitive practical handbook for anyone wanting a performance advantage. This fully updated and revised edition incorporates the latest cutting-edge research. Written by one of the country's most respected sports nutritionists, it provides the latest research and information to help you succeed. This eighth edition includes accessible guidance on the following topics: maximising endurance, strength and performance how to calculate your optimal calorie, carbohydrate and protein requirements advice on improving body composition specific advice for women, children and vegetarians eating plans to cut body fat, gain muscle and prepare for competition sport-specific nutritional advice.

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Book Overview The definitive sports nutrition book is now in its 8th edition - regarded in the industry as core reading for anyone involved in sport and fitness. Anita Bean once again succeeds in demystifying the sports person's diet in her inimitable clear and concise style. Alongside the theory The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition is packed with practical advice - suggested menus, recipes and eating plans relevant to all training programmes.

The most comprehensive guide to sports nutrition around and a must-read for coaches and athletes. * Athletics Weekly * absolute must-have for anyone working in the health and fitness industry! * YMCA *
a really excellent work: lucid, thorough, sound and readily accessible * Coaching News *
it is excellent and answers all your questions * Sports Teacher *
It covers a great deal of ground in a highly readable style... a superb publication * British Olympic Association *
concisely written and clearly presented, enhanced by a personal touch that makes it refreshingly different...highly recommended * Dietetics Today *
This nutrition bible by award-winning and renowned nutritionist Anita Bean, is an excellent read... You won't be able to put this book down * Outdoor Fitness *
It's the most comprehensive guide to sports nutrition around and a must-read for coaches and athletes. * Athletic's Weekly *
The eighth edition of what is widely regarded as the ultimate bible of what works and what doesn't in sport, written by someone who has guided many an elite performer. * Athletics Weekly *
Whether you're preparing for the race of your life or simply want to get the most out of your gym sesh, this book is a must. * Women's Fitness *

Anita Bean is an award-winning registered nutritionist, health writer, author and champion athlete. She specialises in sport and exercise nutrition, runs her own nutrition consultancy and advises athletes at all levels from recreational to elite. She contributes to many national magazines, is an experienced public speaker and is the author of Food for Fitness, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes and The Complete Guide to Strength Training.