Willkommen!: Coursebook

Willkommen!: Coursebook

by PaulCoggle (Author), HeinerSchenke (Author)


Willkommen! is the best-selling German course for adult beginners. Whether you are learning for general interest, for your job, holiday, or for an exam, Willkommen! will provide you with the opportunities you need to speak, read, write and understand German with confidence, and enjoy it too! The features that set this course apart are: * Wide choice of learning material * All activities based on real situations * Different types of writing practice, including letters, CVs and emails * Reading activities based on real menus, advertisements, brochures * Deutschland info giving practical and cultural insights into German life * Listening material including interviews, radio and TV clips * Course constantly updated to keep it fresh and relevant Willkommen! provides about 120 hours of study and covers levels A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference. Used with the recordings and supplemented by Willkommen! Activity Book, the course is ideal for group-learning and will also be useful for revision and self-study.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Edition: 2
Publisher: Hodder Education
Published: 27 Apr 2012

ISBN 10: 1444165151
ISBN 13: 9781444165159
Book Overview: THE best-selling German course for adult beginners in a class environment or for revision purposes.

Media Reviews
'... an excellent and very appealing book both for use in the class as well as for self-study' * Amazon user review *
'As teacher of German I have found this book plus the activity book an excellent resource for teaching German to my students.' * Amazon user *
Author Bio
Paul Coggle is an experienced university teacher of German, who has taught courses from beginner to postgraduate level. He was a pioneer in the development and use of multimedia language learning materials at the University of Kent, and has acted as a Language Consultant for the BBC and the University of Cambridge Language Centre. He is series editor for the Teach Yourself language courses. Heiner Schenke was born in Hannover and is a native speaker of German. He has taught German at university level for many years and is Director of the Institution-wide language programme at the University of Westminster.