Marine Monitoring Platforms :Paradigms for Development in Ireland

Marine Monitoring Platforms

Marine Monitoring Platforms :Paradigms for Development in Ireland

Published: 16 December, 2009
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Ireland is a small Island in the North Atlantic with geography, weather and thus way of life dominated by the ocean. This book presents a comprehensive study of the challenges and technologies for observing the ocean environment. It describes the state-of-the-art in marine platforms internationally and provides a vision of platform technology in 2021 and beyond. Opportunities for ocean monitoring are detailed in the Irish context and recommendations are given for future development and investments in marine platforms.

Edin Omerdic Dipl. Eng., M.S. PhD is an outstanding control engineer working in marine robotics for many years. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow for Ocean System Modelling, Charles Parsons Initiative, at the Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland.Daniel Toal PhD, MIEEE, MIEI, CEng An expert in ocean engineering, marine robotics and ocean sensing, Daniel is the founder and director of the Marine Robotics Research Centre at UL and is programme director for the bachelor of engineering in robotic engineering. John Wallace, MSc, B. Eng. An expert in marine sensor and data acquisition, John is owner / MD of Marine Informatics and has sat on various ICES, EU and UNESCO committees interested in the collection and management of marine data.Isela Ibrahimovic received BSc (agriculture) from Girona, Spain in 2004 and BSc (sustainable development) from NUIGalway in 2006. She has eight year experience in management of EU research projects (FP6 & FP7).Cliff Funnell, MBA, B.Sc, LLB, Cliff is a Marine Technology Consultant with more than 25 years experience. He is Editor of Jane's Underwater Technology, a reference publication on world underwater technologies and associated R&D programmes and developments. Anthony Grehan PhD A marine zoologist with 15 years experience in deep-sea ecological research and particular interest in mapping Irish deep-water corals with ROVs and the protection of cold water coral habitat.

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ISBN 9781443813563
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Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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