Excuse My French!

Excuse My French!

by Mr Steven Fawkes (Author)


"...six colourful sections set you up for almost any eventuality ...by the end of it, readers will be sufficiently clued up to sing the Marseillaise" - France Magazine, November 2006 Worried about being laughed at if you try to speak French? Think learning a language is just not for you? Ever felt confused when you're spoken to in French? Having to deal with foreign situations can make the bravest of us feel out of control either frustrated by the incomprehension on a waiter's face as you attempt to convey your order in mime and 'Franglais', or embarrassed by smirks at your unwitting mispronunciation if you do try to 'parlez en Francais'. Excuse My French aims to put these fears to rest. Based around the BBC television series, which sent three celebrities to southern France and challenged them to learn the language in a month, it shows that anyone can learn to communicate in French, and you don't have to be fluent to make it worthwhile. Excuse My French will help you develop the confidence to speak French, and to get over your fear of making mistakes. As well as teaching you the language you need to get by in France, it will help you work out a learning style that suits you. For complete beginners or those returning to French after a break, this book shows that learning a language can be a positive and potentially life-transforming experience.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Edition: 1
Publisher: BBC Active
Published: 15 Aug 2006

ISBN 10: 1406610119
ISBN 13: 9781406610116
Book Overview:

A DVD and book pack for beginners learning French, based on the BBC television series where three celebrities are sent to France to be immersed in the language for a month.

Lose your fear and inhibitons and learn to speak French anyway!

Media Reviews

Aimed at beginners and those who need a refresher, this book has a conversational, unpatronising style and will encourage you to lose your inihibitions and give it a go next time you're in France French Magazine, October 2006

...six colourful sections set you up for almost any eventuality ... by the end of it, readers will be sufficiently clued up to sing the Marseillaise - France Magazine, November 2006