Black Death 1347  (Raintree: When Disaster Struck)

Black Death 1347 (Raintree: When Disaster Struck)

by Cath Senker (Author)


Did you know that the plague began in central Asia before it swept across Europe, killing one-third of the population? Raging disease wiped out whole towns. In a remote village in Norway, everyone died, except one little girl who survived for months alone. In this book, learn how fleas and rats spread the disease and how the plague ultimately benefited the poor who survived. Fascinating facts about medieval society and medicine are in this book. Timelines, a glossary, ideas for research, and suggestions for future reading are included in this gripping read about a medieval tragedy.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 56
Publisher: Raintree Publishers
Published: 27 Jul 2006

ISBN 10: 140620286X
ISBN 13: 9781406202861

Author Bio
Cath Senker has over twenty years' experience in children's educational publishing and has written around 100 books for children for a range of publishers. Her books include highly regarded titles on Anne Frank, the Black Death and the Vietnam War, books on religions and the conflict between North and South Korea, and forthcoming titles on Self-Harm and Relationships. She lives the green lifestyle and has undertaken voluntary work for a range of organizations.