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Dark Fire (The Shardlake series) - The Shardlake series

4.28 (23,520 Ratings by Goodreads)
Dark Fire (The Shardlake series)

Dark Fire (The Shardlake series) - The Shardlake series

4.28 (23,520 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 5 November, 2004
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It's 1540, three years after Shardlake's mission to Scarnsea. It is the hottest summer of the sixteenth century. Shardlake is trying to keep a low profile, believing himself to be out of favour with Thomas Cromwell but trying to maintain his London-based legal practice. He has been pulled, against his better judgement, into defending Elizabeth Wentworth, charged with murdering her cousin. But Elizabeth refuses to plead either guilty or not guilty. As a result she will be crushed under weights until she pleads or dies. Shardlake is powerless to help the girl yet she is suddenly granted a reprieve - courtesy of Cromwell. The cost of the reprieve to Shardlake is two weeks once again in the service of Cromwell. Cromwell, however, is no longer the triumphant, irresistible force he once was, not least because of the ill-fated marriage he arranged for the King with Anne of Cleves. Cromwell is running out of options, but he has one more card to play: Greek Fire, an ancient weapon considered lost long ago, which has turned up again in the hands of two alchemist brothers. This is the kind of gift to guarantee the King's favour, it is also the kind of gift that people kill for...

C.J Sansom was educated at Birmingham University, where he took a BA then a Ph.D. in history. Greek Fire is his second novel, following on from his remarkable debut, Dissolution.

Type Book
ISBN 9781405005449
Number Of Pages 384
Item Weight 797 g
Product Dimensions 154 x 48 x 238 mm
Publisher Macmillan
Format Hardcover