Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Volume 1

4.11 (35 Ratings by Goodreads)
Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Volume 1

Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Volume 1

4.11 (35 Ratings by Goodreads)
Published: 10 July, 2018

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One of the greatest storytellers of his generation, Grant Morrison's arrival onto the Dark Knight was one of the most hyped debuts in industry history. This collection includes time-spanning epic graphic novels featuring the cataclysmic events of FINAL CRISIS and the introduction of Batman's son, Damian Wayne! These blockbuster stories featured a deconstruction of super hero comics like never before, with challenging, thought-provoking takes on the modern, four-color icons.

"A wildly entertaining ride that's been at all times challenging, unsettling, amusing, inventive, iconic and epic... one of the most exciting eras in Batman history."--IGN

"Terrifically exciting"--VARIETY

"[A] sweeping, emotionally draining saga."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Game-changing redefining of the Caped Crusader."--ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY SHELF LIFE

Writer Grant Morrison is known for his innovative work on comics from the graphic novel BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM to acclaimed runs on ANIMAL MAN and DOOM PATROL, as well as his subversive creator-owned titles such as THE INVISIBLES, SEAGUY and WE3. Grant has also written best-selling runs on JLA, SEVEN SOLDIERS OF VICTORY and NEW X-MEN and helped to reinvent the DC Universe in THE MULTIVERSITY, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, 52, BATMAN, BATMAN and ROBIN and BATMAN, INCORPORATED.

Type Book
ISBN 9781401282998
Number Of Pages 672
Publisher DC Comics
Format Hardback