Break-out at Sixty-five

Break-out at Sixty-five

by PercyJ.Salmon (Author)


From the Great Wall of China, to the Rockies, to sipping rum punches while watching England cricketers at play in the West Indies, Percy Salmon's account of his wanderings is the captivating tale of an 'ordinary tourist'. Package-tour traveller he may be, but his excursions are far from ordinary. Never afraid to leave his fellow travellers and set out by himself, be it by local bus or taxi, or simply through a knock at some stranger's front door, Percy Salmon is an explorer par excellence. His acute eye for observation, coupled with his sense of sheer enjoyment and ability to make instant friendships with total strangers, makes for a series of travel tales that are quite unique. Never afraid to ask questions, Percy's observations range from working out feats of engineering to admiring a plant or a group of termites at work. Getting on in years, and not without a few aches and pains, Percy is no moaner, no Victor Meldrew. In fact, he is the complete opposite -- a lover of life, appreciative of everything he sees, and determined to enjoy every single moment he has. This book offers a joyous and appreciative tour through life and its riches, and should be prescribed as compulsory reading for anyone who needs cheering up.


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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 273
Publisher: Nomlas Press
Published: 11 Apr 2002

ISBN 10: 0954005503
ISBN 13: 9780954005504

Media Reviews
Percy shows an unerring eye for unusual detail coupled with that rare gift of being able to translate this into simple but vividly readable prose. From a visit to the Great Wall of China and a Royal Canadian Mounted police museum in Canada on to a near-death encounter with a tarantula spider in Trinidad, 'Percy's world' is full of incident, anecdote and above all a feast of inter personal relationships; his verbatim recall of conversations adding immense colour to the moment. Percy sat close to history in Antigua where he watched Brian Lara score his world record 375 in the fifth and final cricket Test against England in 1994 and it is his love of the summer game which fills many of the pages of his fascinating stroll through life. Written in diary form, Percy Salmon, a latter-day Samuel Pepys, has left an indelible account of the twentieth century he lived in, where he never forgot to take time off to stop to smell the roses on the way. -- Peter Walker, England Test cricketer and BBC commentator.
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Percy J Salmon