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Contemporary Quilts: A Stunning Collection from International Designers

Contemporary Quilts: A Stunning Collection from International Designers

by Barbara Hallas (Author)


Based on The Contemporary International Quilt Collection which took place at New College, Oxford and at Nostell Priory, Yorkshire in 1993, the original exhibition contained 50 quilts made by designers from around the world, including the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, USA and Switzerland. This book offers advice on making a wide range of contemporary quilts. Ideas and inspiration are offered from 25 designers whose quilts are illustrated in colour. Each designer discusses what inspired them and how they translated this into their quilt. For example, "Out Here on the Edge of Space with Nancy" was adapted from a book of Islamic designs, and "Snail Trails in my Garden" was inspired by the irridescent trails left by garden snails. In order to achieve the stunning effects in these textile wallhangings, many different techniques have been combined, such as fabric painting, airbrushing, applique, dyeing, printmaking and curved piecing. This book should be of interest to those quilters who need new and stimulating ideas for their next quilt, and who wish to create something unique to hang on their wall.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 64
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Search Press Ltd
Published: 21 Apr 1994

ISBN 10: 085532774X
ISBN 13: 9780855327743