Mechanism and Synthesis (The Molecular World)

Mechanism and Synthesis (The Molecular World)

by TheOpenUniversity (Contributor), Giles Clark (Author), P.G.Taylor (Contributor), LesleyE.Smart (Contributor)


This book pursues possible strategies for synthesising mainly organic compounds, particularly those of interest to the health sector and related industries. Topics covered include addition reactions of aldehydes and ketones; the use of organometallic reagents to form carbon-carbon bonds (eg Grignard reagents); and radical reactions, including selectivity and chain reactions. Retrosynthetic analysis is introduced as a strategy for developing syntheses, along with biochemical pathways. Mechanism and Synthesis concludes with a Case Study on polymers, which demonstrates how chain reactions can be used to build up useful materials with specific properties, such as contact lenses. The Molecular World series provides an integrated introduction to all branches of chemistry for both students wishing to specialise and those wishing to gain a broad understanding of chemistry and its relevance to the everyday world and to other areas of science. The books, with their Case Studies and accompanying multi-media interactive CD-ROMs, will also provide valuable resource material for teachers and lecturers. (The CD-ROMs are designed for use on a PC running Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000.)


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 340
Edition: Pap/Cdr
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Published: 11 Oct 2002

ISBN 10: 085404695X
ISBN 13: 9780854046959

Media Reviews
Very stimulating......Excellent support materials for most undergraduate chemistry courses. * Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, Volume 6, Issue 2 (David Ruddick) *
... contains some nice enrichment material not often found in standard works. * CHOICE, May 2003 *
I recommend this well-presented text for independent learning. * Education in Chemistry, September 2003 *
... suitable for use as supplementary reading material for first-year undergraduates ... impressive ... The use of color illustrations throughout the text is very eye-catching ... I am happy to recommend this book to libraries ... * The Chemical Educator, Vol 8, No 5, 2003, p 343-344 *