Delivering Training (Training Essentials)

Delivering Training (Training Essentials)

by SuzySiddons (Author)


The way you deliver training has a direct impact of the quality of learning that people take away. So it is every trainer's responsibility to provide appropriate training, to the right audience, with the right tools, and in an engaging way. Drawing on a wealth of personal experience, Suzy Siddons provides trainers with practical advice on: answering the fundamental questions - who, why and what am I training? gathering vital pre-course information to help set achievable objectives, fulfil expectations and avoid logistical glitches; establishing rapport, understanding group dynamics and opening a course successfully; accommodating learning preferences using a range of methods and ensuring your pace, presentation and feedback encourage a learning climate; and, handling training room crises and difficult customers.Suzy Siddons understands that all trainers need to be super-effective multi-taskers with eyes in the back of their head which makes this book an essential read for all trainers, no matter how experienced.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
Publisher: Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Published: 01 Feb 1997

ISBN 10: 0852926685
ISBN 13: 9780852926680