Stress and Employer Liability (Law & employment series)

Stress and Employer Liability (Law & employment series)

by Cary L . Cooper (Author), JillEarnshaw (Author)


Employers have always paid a huge (but largely invisible) price for overloaded, "stressed-out" employees in terms of absenteeism, labour turnover and even low productivity. Today, they increasingly face litigation as well. Yet, there are ways for organizations to adopt a positive, pro-active approach to improving their workers' quality of life while avoiding the risk of costly lawsuits. This book examines in detail: major sources of stress - constant change, job insecurity, unclear or conflicting work roles, poor communications and difficult relations with colleagues; the law of negligence and liability for foreseeable stress-based injuries caused by the working environment; employers' responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act and subsequent regulations; employment protection legislation and claims for unfair or constructive dismissal; discrimination, harassment and compensation for injury to feelings; sample cases, often based on allegations of bullying, that solicitors are bringing against employers; and preventive measures and remedial techniques, such as counselling and stress management programmes.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
Publisher: Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Published: 01 Jun 1996

ISBN 10: 0852926154
ISBN 13: 9780852926154