Parents for Safe Food 1990-91: Safe Food Handbook

Parents for Safe Food 1990-91: Safe Food Handbook

by Derek Taylor (Editor), PamelaStephenson (Editor), JoanTaylor (Editor)


Confusion over what really is safe to eat grows with every new food scare, but the facts seem increasingly difficult to get hold of. This book attempts to solve that problem. It sets out the facts needed to understand the issues and it answers questions on major topics such as irradiation, intensive farming, hormones and additives. There is also an A-Z shopper's guide to the most commonly bought foods. Each entry pinpoints any risks associated with the product. Parents for Safe Food was formed early in 1989 by concerned celebrities such as Pamela Stephenson and George Harrison.



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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Publisher: Ebury Press
Published: 01 May 1990

ISBN 10: 0852239297
ISBN 13: 9780852239292