Iraq: Searching for Hope

Iraq: Searching for Hope

by Canon Andrew White (Author)


As hostilities in Iraq continued to dominate international radio and television, Andrew White's was the voice of authority, always realistic but never without hope. But where is hope now? What is the future for Iraq? This is the fascinating, first-hand account of one man's deepening involvement over six years with a war-torn nation which has yet to find its place in a new order. As an envoy for peace in an increasingly complex situation, Andrew has dedicated himself to religious and political reconciliation in Iraq, risking his life on more than one occasion. He is remarkable for his capacity to relate to people at both a high and a more ordinary level and his picture of life on the ground in Iraq is as compelling as his insights into what goes on behind the political censors. Interspersed in his account are reflections on some of the profound issues that confront him: the nature of evil, the necessity sometimes of war and, perhaps the most urgent question, whether religion is part of the problem or the solution.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 164
Edition: illustrated edition
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
Published: 30 Jun 2005

ISBN 10: 0826486304
ISBN 13: 9780826486301

Media Reviews
'...honest book...a picture of a man who will go to any lengths to understand one of the most complex societies in the world.'--Pat Ashworth Church Times
'Both those who are passionately pro and anti recent British and American policy on Iraq will find their preconceptions challenged.' Methodist Recorder
I would not have missed reading this book for anything. It is like a trip right into the heart of Iraq without the risks and danger. Nobody in the Western World knows and understands Iraq and the Iraqis like Canon Andrew White, and no one else on the planet could have written this book. He has written a gripping account of his lengthy and intense involvement in Baghdad and other places with honesty and candour, clarity and objectivity, simplicity and brilliance. This book will drive you to your knees to pray for this torn nation and make you thankful that God has been surprisingly at work in a country most of us know so little about. -R.T. Kendall
'an account of one man's attempt to find sanity and hope and order in a bit of the world where there seemed to be none of those things....[a] revealing...often moving personal account.' Dr Peter Cotterell, London School of Theology - Newsletter, Autumn 2006--Sanford Lakoff
Author Bio
Canon Andrew White is International Director of the Iraqi Institute of Peace and President of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East.