Testament: The Abridged Bible - From Adam to Apocalypse (Bible Odyssey)

Testament: The Abridged Bible - From Adam to Apocalypse (Bible Odyssey)

by PhilipLaw (Author)


For many people, the Bible is a closed book. Yet the Bible contains some of the greatest stories ever told, and so much of its poetry and wisdom permeates our language and culture - in music, painting, literature and film. Testament is a highly readable abridgement of the whole Bible. Testament will appeal to readers of all ages and religious backgrounds - especially to those who may be curious to know what makes the Bible the world's all-time bestseller, a classic of world literature, and probably still the most influential book in print.


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Format: Paperback
Pages: 659
Edition: Re-issue
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
Published: 17 Aug 2006

ISBN 10: 0826481604
ISBN 13: 9780826481603

Media Reviews
Testament offers an attractive and realisable alternative for the general reader; while remaining true to the texts This format offers the reader easy access to an overview of the book and some of its major themes...an excellent idea -- Newyddion Ag News
'For those who've been putting aside two years in later life to read the Bible from cover to cover, the good news is: the most important bits are here.' Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio Two * Blurb from reviewer *
THE UNIVERSE oLaw overwhelming succeeds in creating a book that can be read anywhere, without the reader having to feel self-conscious in any way. Therefore, it opens the door for those who have always been tempted to finally read the literature behind the morals of the world today.oe u24th April 2005 * Blurb from reviewer *
THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD oTo call Testament a hell of a great read would be blasphemous. Offering a crude analogy instead, reading Testament is like watching the highlight reel of an American Football game minus all the stopping and starting that interrupts something monumental and gripping.oe u 16-17th April 2005 * Blurb from reviewer *
'This is a timely book that recognizes the continuing place of the Bible and its great narratives within our culture. It makes available at first hand to the general reader those stories which have shaped so much of our art and literature, and which still have a profound importance for modern film, music and art. In this book we are reminded that reading the Bible can be an exhilarating experience. Testament deserves to be widely read.' David Jasper, Professor of Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow * Blurb from reviewer *
'Here is a rich selection drawn from the actual wording of the Revised English Bible and printed continuously without the distractions of verse divisions so that the reader may savour the main story-line and some of the fundamental teaching.' I. Howard Marshall, Honorary Research Professor of New Testament, University of Aberdeen * Blurb from reviewer *
'In an era when many are not walked through the early stages of life with the Bible in hand, the Bible has become sometimes the exclusive domain of a few dedicated professionals. But in Testament the groundbreaking story that has shaped the Western world becomes easily accessible and winsomely presented. Testament will lead readers from our world back to the Bible.' Scot McKnight, Assistant professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois * Blurb from reviewer *
'This new initiative, presenting the most important themes, stories and narratives within the Bible is highly commendable. While this is neither proposed as a book of strict scholarship nor as a new approach to academic Biblical exegesis, it is clearly based on research and indebted to informed exegesis of Sacred Scripture. It achieves what it sets out to do: presenting the essence of the message of the Word of God, supporting faith that seeks greater understanding. As a distillation of the whole Biblical corpus, Testament presents the story of the history of salvation in an attractive and accessible manner. ' Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster * Blurb from reviewer *
'Reading the Bible from cover to cover is such a daunting prospect that few undertake it. Now, with judicious abridgement, the sources of Jewish tradition and Christian faith are made accessible to the general reader. Testament is a brilliant concept that will reveal the excitement and profundity of scripture to a new generation.' Piers Paul Read * Blurb from reviewer *
'In Testament, Philip Law exercises the kind of applied scholarship that even the angels themselves must applaud. For power, clarity, and sheer beauty, it would, I suspect, be impossible to exceed either Law's aesthetic reach or his gift for presenting the Christian Bible as Odyssey as well as primal source of sacred doctrine. 'The concept of a narrative Bible is hardly a new one, many scholars and armchair scholars having made their own attempts over the years. What sets this volume apart and elevates it to the state of masterful accomplishment is, in part, Law's keening reverence for the consistency, which informs the original, and his skilled employment of familiar conventions to smooth the mind's way as it reads. For example, Christians and Jews alike will find much to praise in Law's graceful melding of portions of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers to create the Testament section, Israel in the Wilderness. Similarly, in the New Testament, St. Paul's defense of his beloved gospel vision has never been more coherent-or, therefore, more potent--than it is in Law's deft and subtle abridgement of the Acts of the Apostles. 'In sum, Testament is a book that both the world and the Church have long needed. I commend it to all of us.' Phyllis Tickle, Compiler, The Divine Hours * Blurb from reviewer *
'The Bible is, without doubt, one of the greatest literary masterpieces of all time, yet its chapter divisions, frequent duplications and legal material can produce difficulties for all but the most committed reader. Testament allows the reader to appreciate the Bible's magnificent literary sweep - from the pioneering days of the patriarchs, through the heady reigns of David and Solomon, the depths of exile, and on to the life of Jesus Christ and apocalyptic hopes for the future. Testament will appeal to anyone wanting to acquaint themselves with the narrative basis of Western art and culture.' Helen K Bond, Senior Lecturer in New Testament, University of Edinburgh * Blurb from reviewer *
'This excellent book traces the basic narrative story of the Bible from its first to its last pages. I commend it very warmly indeed. It is a book which led me to say I wish I had had that book when I was a student! Getting to know the Bible can appear to the beginner a daunting task. Yet here help is at hand, for the reader will find that the central story that it has to tell is a connected and meaningful whole. It is made accessible by presenting it in its own terms, not just for beginners, but for the general reader who wants to discover how it all fits together. I am confident that even the expert will find fresh insight in the great sweep of its message. Read it, and you will rediscover the grandeur of its understanding of human life and human history. Learn its story and you will have a treasure for a lifetime!' Ronald E. Clements, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, King's College, London * Blurb from reviewer *
'This sensitively edited version of the Bible is an excellent addition to the bookshelf and will be particularly useful to those unaccustomed to reading the scriptures. It communicates the essence, without diminishing the power.' Wendy Craig * Blurb from reviewer *
'For those interested in reading the Bible as literature, which it is of course, Testament should prove a most welcome addition to other translations of, and commentary upon, this great book. We all need to know these very human stories that can provide comfort and guidance as we navigate our own troubled times.' Clyde Edgerton, author of Lunch at the Piccadilly and Walking Across Egypt. * Blurb from reviewer *
'This splendid book skilfully presents the great narratives and teachings of the Bible for general readers. I recommend it to all who have always wondered what makes the Bible the world's bestseller.' Michael Green, Senior Research Fellow, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford * Blurb from reviewer *
'The Bible is the greatest book ever written, for it narrates the greatest story ever told. For many people today, however, the Bible is a closed, even a dead book - closed and dead because the prospect of actually reading the Bible seems simply too daunting. Testament removes that obstacle. This helpful abridgement presents the central storyline of the Bible in a straightforward, story-like manner. And it augments the story with some of the inspiring poetry and prose written by people closely associated with that story. Read Testament and catch a glimpse of the power of the Bible. Then read the Bible itself.' Stanley J. Grenz, Pioneer McDonald Professor of Theology, Carey Theological College, Vancouver BC, Professor of Theological Studies, Mars Hill Graduate School, Seattle WA * Blurb from reviewer *
'Testament deserves to become an indispensable resource for all who want to encourage biblical literacy, both within and without the church. The reader-friendly format, presenting a sort of canon within the canon, will help many rediscover the greatest book ever written.' Dale C. Allison, Jr., Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary * Blurb from reviewer *
'Important as the Bible is, it is also quite unapproachable for many people. Testament opens it up to everyone who would like to discover its essential heart. Anyone who reads novels will enjoy this book.' John Barton, Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, University of Oxford * Blurb from reviewer *
'Testament is a valuable condensation of the Revised English Bible. The narratives stand together clearly, and everything of the highest literary interest has been preserved. There are readers, not all of them secular, who will benefit greatly by reading Philip Law's responsible and careful abridgement.' Harold Bloom, author of Where Shall Wisdom be Found? and The Book of J * Blurb from reviewer *
'A reader friendly version which makes me want to read on.' Rabbi Lionel Blue * Blurb from reviewer *
'Law provides an accesible way of reading the Bible as a narrative, as history, poetry and odyssey' -- Jane Mellett * The Furrow *
Author Bio
Philip Law is UK Publishing Director at WJK Press. His previous publications include The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer (SPCK/Crossroad 1995), The Wisdom of Jesus (Lion/Eerdmans 1996), A Time to Pray (Lion/Abingdon 1997) and Teachings of the Master (Lion/WJK 1999).